The Budget Office provides budget planning, execution, and reporting for the institution’s funds that are used for instruction, support functions, student activities, and capital improvements projects. Specifically, the Office administers budgets for state funds (i.e., the General Fund), auxiliaries (e.g., Housing and Residence Life, Parking), and student fee funded operations (e.g., Student Union, Athletics). The Office also administers budgets for capital improvement projects and provides position budget management for all types of funds.

Main functions of the Budget Office

  • To keep the University’s General Fund budget reconciled with external organizations, such as the Office of State Budget and Management, the Legislative Fiscal Research Division, and the UNC General Administration
  • To ensure that the University’s internal General Fund budgets are reconciled with the above criteria and to provide budget support and guidance for University divisions and departments
  • To ensure that positions are adequately funded for permanent employees, filled according to state rules and regulations, entered properly into data systems, and reconciled with salary budgets in the accounting system
  • To assist with planning and provide budgeting support for capital improvement projects (new buildings, major renovations, and campus infrastructure)
  • To provide budget support and general guidance for auxiliary enterprises and fee-supported operations, and to analyze requests and coordinate the approval process for student tuition and fee increases
  • To provide information, participate in studies, and respond to surveys for University management, the Office of State Budget and Management, the Legislative Fiscal Research Division, the UNC General Administration, students, and the general public

Organization Chart